Lanka Ministries International
May - June 2015

Rev. Anton & Wimala George
Founder and President

Kandy, Sri Lanka 

Where there is no vision the

people perish!

Greetings again!


We do have many wonderful things to share with you. The Lord has been so good to us in spite of difficulties, challenges and  many obstacles we face to share the Gospel with the lost in the tea plantation sector. 

However, we always feel good and joyful in our heart whenever one of the tea workers give their life to the Lord Jesus Christ. "He is the way, the truth and the life!" (John 14:6)  This same truth has set them free from their fear of evil spirits, curse and miserable life. 


Prayer moves the mountains:

In our last newsletter we shared part of the testimony of a Buddhist Lady but there is much more to her story We shared how the Lord was able to touch the life and needs of this lady in our last newsletter.  This Buddhist lady's name is Manael and her grandson's name is Chinthaka. We will post their pictures in our next Newsletter for you to uphold in your prayers for them to grow in the Lord and in their faith too.

She began to face a number of challenges after she gave her life to the Lord. The Tea plantation where she was currently employed found out that she became a Christian and asked her to work on Sunday to prevent her going to church. She said she told the administration that she has believed in Jesus the living God and she must go to the church to worship Him on Sunday.

The management threaten her and said that if she goes to church on Sunday she will lose the job. She asked the Church to pray and we asked the Lord to help her sort out her problem with the directors and find grace in the eyes of the management.  The management continued to threaten her and finally she told the management she will not come to work on Sunday and told them that she will not come on Saturday as well because she wants to attend the Church prayer meeting held every Saturday morning in the church. She told the tea plantation management that they can have their job and  she will continue to go to the Church. They stopped bothering her now and praise God she works the other five days at the same place.


She Began to Bear Fruit:

She shared her testimony with a Buddhist man who is a family friend how the Lord has changed her life and began to bless and prosper her. He was a business man who was totally confused; his business was going down with sickness and poverty, also.  Because of all this family problems which arose he was temporally separated from his wife.

After hearing Manael's life changing testimony he began to believe in the Lord and he asked us to come to his business place to pray for him and business as well. With Pastor Benjamin I shared the love of God and prayed for him, the business and his wife. 


The Lord Removed the Mountain For This Man:

The man began to come to the Sunday service and we continued to pray for him. He said after prayers the business began to pick up, many customers came and his business started to do well. His wife separated began to talk and they are back to gather again. Praise the Lord!

This Buddhist man shared his testimony with his cousin sister (meaning female cousin) who had numerous problems in her marriage and family life. She wanted us to pray for her so we met her in this man's business place to pray for her. You will hear what happened to her and what the Lord has done for her in our next newsletter. It will continue....


We have found a new method to reach the lost: 

In Year 2015 I was asking the Lord to show us how to reach the lost through our churches using ordinary, simple believers to build God's kingdom. The Lord was able to use David while he was very young to destroy the Goliath.  God placed a heavy burden in my heart to honor and use the women as pastors and workers and lay leaders to build God's kingdom. 


In our Pastors and workers meeting (Friday) we made some changes:

Every month on Friday we meet with Pastors and workers for prayer and to study the Word of God. We also meet for other matters, such as giving ministry reports. I pointed out to our Pastors and workers that our New Philadelphia churches and ministry is growing because the ladies, especially wive's of the church leaders completely devoted themselves for the good of the Lord's ministry. They made themselves available and committed to do anything in order so the church leaders (husband)  could  go and do well in their ministry. 

The leaders agreed that their wives' would take care of their family matters and help many things in the church ministry as well to help the leaders continue their ministry responsibilities without any interruption. However, even though they were talented and able to handle many things well we failed to recognize their talents which made them available to serve the Lord freely in the area they like the most.


First Saturday of every month we set aside for men and women 

to worship and fellowship together: 

When we decided to bring the workers together once a month the response was unbelievable. The first meeting was held in the month of January and more than 50 attended the meetings.

We honored those who help others to serve the Lord:

During our meetings we said we truly appreciate what the ladies do for the Lord's work. Their help makes the ministry grow so we encouraged them to continue to helping where ever they are able to assist in the ministry. 


We encouraged the ladies to begin Bible Cell groups:

We encouraged them to visit new areas close to their church or where they live to share the gospel and pray with the new person. Because they became friends they began Bible Cell groups so woman and men could gather for prayers in their homes. Many of those who attended the Saturday meeting men lay leaders and women volunteered do to the Lord's service. We prayed for the Lord to bless their labors. In the months of February and March the number of men and women who gathered on Saturday meetings for prayers, Bible study and fellowship increased to 60 and more.

The program was held the whole day and we provided tea and lunch to those who attended.


New Souls brought to the church:


We are already experiencing new souls being brought to the Sunday services. The Lord has begun to use the women in a wonderful way.  We definitely know the Lord will use these women in their respective churches and we will experience a number of new souls added in the kingdom of God. 

Please uphold all the pastors and lay leaders in your sincere prayers for the Lord to use them to enlarge His Kingdom. 

Once again we thank you for your love, concern and prayers extended for our family and for the Lanka Missions School and New Philadelphia Churches in the ministry.

We value your friendship and thank you for your generous gifts and donations sent to this ministry which meets many needs we have in the Lord's work here in Sri Lanka. 


For Prayer Concern:

1) The Special meetings and training we offer to lay leaders (Men/Women) to grow and produce more souls to the Kingdom of God.

2) Pastors and workers to use men/ women (Volunteers) to reach the lost children and win them  to God,

3) For the students studying and receiving Bible training for the ministry from Lanka Mission School training center for their traveling and monthly help

4) We cannot do much unless we could meet some of the financial needs for special meetings, bible training and traveling in the ministry. 

Please, pray the Lord to increase number of donors and churches to support and help us in our monthly ministry needs. 

Wimala and boys are well and we thank you all for what you have been able to do for us and for the Lord's work here in Sri Lanka.

In His service,

Lanka Ministries International,

Kandy. Srilanka.



Dr. Logan Sparling and his brother Michael will arrive In Sri Lanka on Thursday, May 7 to share with brothers and sisters of Lanka Ministries International.


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